Access control systems are extremely useful in residential, commercial, and industrial capacities. They allow you to integrate a keyless system which means you don’t have to keep changing the locks anytime somebody loses a key. An access control system also allows you to control access into different areas, stopping people from entering restricted areas, keeping you home or employees safe.
Flash Electrical and Data have a dedicated security team that is able to do everything from supplying the product and installation, to maintenance and servicing. Our systems are scalable from one door and multiple users, to thousands of doors and users.

Access Control systems that we are able to provide include (but not limited to):

Access control systems are created with the user in mind, allowing for effortless security configurations that can be done remotely anywhere in the world from any device. Contact the Flash Electrical and Data team for more information.

Manage and control all entry points to your home or business with an Intercom System.

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An Intercom system is a great way to add additional protection to your home and business and it is able to linked into your access control and CCTV camera surveillance system. People all over Sydney are getting Intercom systems installed as it becomes more affordable to not only add protection and extend their current security solutions, but also doubles as a way to make life easier when used in situations such as opening gates and doors, or communicate between rooms.

Intercom systems can be used in many ways as an additional security layer in your security system.

Our Intercom system solutions are available for residential, commercial, and industrial. We provide you with everything from the product, and installation, to servicing.
Flash Electrical and Data are able to help you with your home and business needs. If you are having trouble trying to figure what intercom system would be optimal for your home or business, all you need to do is explain how you would like to add this to your current security system, even if you don’t have one, and our security team will be able to give you advice on exactly what you need.

An alarm system is the perfect security extension for your home and business. They have become both smarter and affordable, even easily integrating into your current security system if you have one.

Fully licensed and insured

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Alarm Keypad

If you are looking for a new alarm system or you are ready to upgrade your current alarm system, look no further as Flash Electrical and Data only use the best technology to secure your home or business. Alarm systems have become much more affordable today then they ever were. All you need to do is talk to one of our specialists, and they will be able to recommend an alarm system that is both scalable and fits your requirements perfectly.

Alarm systems come in many different options, and knowing what situation you need to install an alarm system for and what kind of features you need will help to determine the optimal system. Depending on the alarm system you have, some options include:

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Flash Electrical and Data can cover all your security needs from small residential jobs to large commercial and industrial setups. We are able to supply and install high-quality access control systems, intercoms, alarm systems, and CCTV surveillance systems. Our systems are self-managed which means you can remotely control your security configurations from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.

Our Security Installation technicians are expertly trained and ready to deliver residential, commercial, and enterprise solutions. We are able to install complex and scalable systems for any home or business solution, while keeping it extremely functional and simple to use.

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