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Do I really need a switchboard upgrade?

Your switchboard is the central electrical system of your home. Many Sydney homes have old fuse boxes that struggle with the increased demand of power that continues to put stress on your switchboard due to the increase of electronic devices that are overloading your power points and are also not being protected by safety switches, making the electrical safety of your home a problem.

How can I tell if my switchboard is being overloaded?

Many people don’t realise how many devices they actually have connected in their houses, or even how many devices are being plugged into one powerpoint, especially if they are using powerboards to extend their ability to plug in more devices. Here is just a small list to consider when thinking about the power usage in your home.

  • Increase in mobile devices that are being charged such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices found in the home.
  • Increase in the number of fridges, freezers, washing machines, and dryers found in the average home as well as their age.
  • Increase in the number of televisions, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles used in different parts of the home.
  • The amount of air-conditioning units being used because of Sydney’s extreme weather conditions.

If your home is old, it is more than likely that you probably don’t have a safety switch installed (RCD) and is also still using ceramic fuses. Don’t worry, our Flash Electrical and data licensed electricians are able to advise you on the needs for your household and get your new switchboard.

How can I know if I have an outdated switchboard?

Here is a checklist that the Flash Electrical and Data team have put together for you so you can identify whether or not you need an upgrade.

  • Do you have a safety switch installed (RCD)?
  • When your power and/ or lights are flickering at different intervals.
  • When your switchboard trips on its own.
  • When plugging in appliances, the switchboard gets tripped or blows a fuse
  • If you hear buzzing noises being emitted from the switchboard.
  • Is there a burning smell that comes and goes from the switchboard?

Please keep in mind that the checklist is good for immediate identification of issues with your switchboard. However, it is better to catch any issues before it is too late. So here is another list you will need to consider if you want to kee your home safe.

  • How old is your house?
  • Is your home still using the ceramic style fuse box?
  • Has there been an increase in electronic devices plugged into you home?
  • Are there times of the day when man devices are plugged in at the same time, putting alot of stress on your switchboard?

Electrical equipment continues to degrade and breakdown over time, and so like anything else that becomes old, your switchboard could just be simply due for an upgrade which will put you in front of any problems that could potentially rise in the near future.

What should you do now?

Don’t put your family or business at risk. Call our experienced staff today, even if you are unsure if you need an electrical switchboard upgrade or not. We will be able to advise you on what you need to do next, should you need one.

What is the difference between a safety switch and a circuit breaker?

The safety switch will stop anybody in your home from an electric shock. The circuit breaker will protect faulty electrical cables and appliances.

How does a safety switch work?

Electricity starts from the switchboard and then back to it through the electrical circuit in your house, forming a loop. If the loop is broken, the safety switch will automatically detect the power leakage and cut the flow of electricity, significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

How do I know if I have a safety switch on all my circuits in my switchboard?

Add ImageSafety switches should have a test button located on the face of the device. If there is no test button, then it is more than likely to just be a safety switch. If you are not sure, take a photo of your switchboard and send it into us, and we will be able to tell you if it is or not.

I have one safety switch installed. Is this enough protection?

Many Australians do have at least one safety switch installed. They have switches installed on the lighting circuits, and some also have them on the power circuits. 
However, many of these homes don’t have them installed on the circuit that supplies power to appliances such as the air conditioner, hot water system, and overs. If any of these units are faulty or someone has drilled through a wall, hitting one of the live wires that powers these appliances, will cause serious injury or death. Make sure that all your circuits have been protected with a safety switch.

What will happen when I get my old switchboard replaced?

New switchboard enclosure/load centre
Every domestic circuit protected by a safety switch as per the new wiring rules AS3000/2018
New main earth

Do you provide an electrical certificate of compliance with the upgrade?

Yes we do and you will receive a certificate of compliance from us upon the completion of the job, and the licensed electrician has signed off that the job is complete and up to a high standard.

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